Kee is an interactive social agenda mobile application.

Developed by 4Thought Studios.
Available in 2019.

Kee's interactive agenda connects with multiple platforms to take essential events and block them out of your day. The agenda also allows you to enter in optional tasks you would like to accomplish before/after your essential events. These tasks will be slotted based on traffic, weather, business open and close times, as well as other factors in your surrounding area.

When you don't have any tasks, Kee uses your profile information to suggest ways to fill your time. For example, if you like to read comics, Kee may direct you to a comic book store nearby.

Examples of Notifications and Week Screen

These functionalities are incredibly helpful, but Kee is more than just a scheduling app. Using Kee's “someone in the crowd” functionality, you can connect with other users nearby with similar interests. For example, if you like pizza (“if” is not a question. Everybody likes pizza!), Game of Thrones, and kayaking, during your free time Kee will let you know when there are other users nearby that also have those interests. This functionality will give you the opportunity to form new and potentially unexpected relationships with people.

Developed with passion and care in Detroit, Michigan, Kee is made to change the face of scheduling and human interaction and give you more opportunities to Connect, Manage, and Live.